If you are the Yangtze River, don’t care if others say you are a stream. Don’t blindly envy the beauty of the eagle. CamelR M z 8 ? w m qs ar= { R d C v 0 U :e still charming.

2、在最美的年华里!青春是终将腐朽的,时间对j 9 6 b o D 1谁都公平,谁都只有这几年新鲜,谁都输不起。6 L ~ ] z #

In the most beautiful years! Youth will eventually decayO w X a S o ! e 6. Time is fair to ev% b E $ r : keryone. EveryoneW K : \ , s is fresh in recent years. No one can afford to lose.

3、把握青春,就是将这份美丽献给伟大的世界,这样才会无限延长,才9 N &能体现出它宝贵的价值。

To grasp youth is to dH l Y 8 @edicate this beauty to the great world, so that it can be indefinitely} q 3 pr_ 7 G 6 ] colong7 c l \ = k meq E 5 td and its precious value can be embodied.


We can’t live in youth without regret, but we must live in youth with peace of mind.


Are women born for love, so they are always braver than men in front of lo? , Q 5 Q u &ve?


There is no mou& 1 I C Bntain higher than man, no road longer than foot, believe me, never give up, you will fly higher.

7、别让我再等你,我怕我没有足够的勇气一直等在原地,更怕我们走着走着,就J V G ^ 1 X u再也找不到对方了。

Don’t let me wait fG U 4 s t ) $ = .or you any longer. I’m afraid I don’t have enough courage to wait for you alV # ? / S Cl the time. What’s more, I’m? $ s o _ m s afraid that if we walk, we will never find each other again.

8、很多事情,但凡与青春联系到一起,那不算什么,一离开青春,原来什( g y ! ~ \ { q ^么也不是。

There are many things, but whe6 E _n they are connected with youth, they are nothing. Once they le. x ] 3 Y D f B `ave youth, they are nothing.

9、年少的爱慕是可以寂静的,只是在以后的岁月里,我将永远走在少了你的风景? v y , @ j r ^里。

Young love can be quiet, butW \ \ in the years to come, I will always walk in the scenery without you.

10、再到最后。被现实所迷惑,最y p G $后发现爱上一个只见过几面的人其实也不难,为了生活。

To tC d h T | ] 0 \ `he end. Being coD Z &nfused by reality, I finally found that it is not difficult to fall in love with a person who has only s= , L a r ^een a few faces, for the sake of life.

11、梦想,犹如一阵风,吹向O R E h \ W k ! $未来;梦想,犹如一艘船,飘向远方;梦想,犹如一盏灯,点亮明天。

Dream, like a gust of wind, blows to the futuW s + 0 K l ere; Dream, like a ship, drifV h A V ^ = 6ts to the distant place; Dream, like a lamp, lights up tomorrow.


The earth will not change its natural lah r / e z Ow bY o a x O d G U (ecause of a person’s thoroug6 B o T * Zh hurt heart. Tomorrow’s sun will still rise and life will continue.


Don’t refuse to say that beautiful oath because it may change. Don’t dare to ask for a heart-to-hea( F M , W irt encounter be^ [ | #cause it may be separated.

14、青春太好,好到你无论怎么过都觉得浪掷,回头一看,都要生悔g 2 \ – K L :

Youth is so good that you feel like a wave no matQ r a . F 6 Z ; Oter how you live. Looking back, you will regret it.


After many difficulties and dangers, we finally paved a stone road to success.


Youth is a mirage of a sea city, and beauty is fleeting. Perhaps the so-called immortality can only end in tragedy like R2 1 $ T 7 ouan GuH / ?an.


The beauty and value of youth lie in its innocence and flawless, in its accessibility and unattainability, and in its never-returnO ` & | h.


My dream is to always be young, happy and comfortable, and then die in the happiest.

19、每个人的青春,终逃不过1 x ~ e [ d ; 3 1一场爱情。在这里,有爱,有情,有S 5 1 W = z 7 /喜,有乐,却单单没有永恒– n S 8 7 D

Everyone’s youth, e5 – ) [ u ` wventually can not escape a love. Here, t( h Rhere is love, affe5 Y qction, joy and happiness, but there is ne , & c Do eternity alon_ [ | / n \ ;e.


Youth is a book that cannot be closed when it is opened, life is a road tV E # @hat cannot be turned back when it isj ! ~ J 5 set, an? B 8 / @ Y ] nd love is a bet that cannot bX [ 3e taken when it is thrown away.

21、没有哪一种/ J V F I f S f P胭脂能涂抹时间,没有哪一件服装能掩饰灵魂,没有哪一套古籍L # ^ K ? z W能装潢空虚。

No kind of carmine can daub time, no dress can hide soul, no set of ancient books can decorate emptiness.d B = 4 o T M x I


Yout@ l }hd i k p 2 is the bird of thl , e ue sky in the beautiful memory. Youth is the sour love in the years of youth. Youth is the silent expression in the delicate noteY * H Zbook.


That’Q ) S N w gs ridiculous. You smoked too! Life is really ironic, a person should become the most dig $ ( 0sgusted appearance he ever had!

24、如果结局是[ 2 K \ r快乐的,我宁愿承受所有的痛苦;如果结局是痛苦的,我宁愿放弃所有的快乐。

If the end is happy, I would rather_ ( & = A G q * bear all the pain; if the end is painful, I would rather give up all the happiness.


We always envy the beautiful flowers blooming on the edge of the cliff because the places where the flowerv F 9s are in full bloom are beyond_ . s 6 p O ( our reacl I ] % gh.


His last weaC \ a 2 S \ X w \pon was to despise her and convince himself that she was not so important in his mind. N1 a H X b Lot even that.


Youth is s~ ( N Ape` v /echless, but it glows with vitality, flowers are speechless, but it emits fragrance, spring rain is speechless, but it mF = A / 0 aoistens the earth.

28、青春是一首歌y i S,她拨动着我们年轻的心弦;青春是一团火,她点燃了我们沸腾的热血。

Youth is a song, which touches the heartstrings of our youth; You: B r Y { z a q Sth is a fire, which ignites ouX r Z ur boiling blood.@ v s @ f O


When you come back one day, you will find that you are waiting for you in situ, with a qD & {uiet smile.


What i~ % ( % )s too goodB B s H Z d % is never suitable for experience, because once] J P M experienced, it can not be forgotten.

31、过去就像回形针,把青春一页页的e B n 8固定,然后变成了一本不被出版的书。

It used to be like a paper clip, fixi* G z s Cng a page ofH X C \ youth, and then turning it into an unpublished book.


Let’sL 4 M ~ A P 4 { seize the charm ofZ ^ _ ; G u w youth and let the happiness of youth go with us.

33、最美的青春不过是有一两7 # P {个一直陪伴你的朋友和一个盗不走的爱人D , 4 _ Y ( y . 4

The most beautiful youth is\ t N just oneb k v N $ { or two friends who alwT t O =ays accompany you ank 2 ( ? _ 1 ud a lover who can’t be stolen.


Drea^ @ Gm is the cornerstone of helpiq u o dng others succeed; Dream is the driving forR O i % ^ ~ce of inspiration; De s Q N o N Oream io Y / M \s the soQ j p d D J =urce of courage.

35、一生经历一次的青春,目的只是听一次花开s } a t P ~ W 8的声音,看一次花落的寂然,然后散场。

The purp. % 3 E A t #ose of experiencinK 6 Y y /g youth once in a lifetime is to listen to the voice o# g 4 Z _ 2f a flower, to see the silence of a flower, and then to leave.

36、我从没被谁e m O : – [ R E知道( R U v & 5,所以也没被谁忘记。在别人的回忆中生` . t j活,并不是我的目的。

I’ve never been known by anyone, so I’ve never been forgotten by anyone. Living in other people’s memories is not my goal.